Thursday, February 7, 2013


Joyful when I see my family on holidays
Overjoyed when I have a lot of candy
Cutest girl in my whole house
Excited on my birthday parties
Lily has been my best friend since kindergarten
Yell in my pillow when I am mad
Nice to my pets and I care for them


Sharp thinker when someone tries to tag me and I move quickly
Energetic, I am always energetic when I play sports
Annoying , I am annoying to my friend Korbin
Never naps at home but I do in the car


Learning more and more math everyday
Unstoppable when I sleep because no one can wake me up
Concussion is what I got when someone pitched a baseball at my head
Important people are my mom and dad
Understands mostly everything in math
Swift when learning new things


Hospital  was  where I got my stitches  because I hit my head on the side of the pool
Athletic means I like to play  sports  such  as  football , baseball, soccer, and, basketball
Yare  means  I  am  quick and agile at  sports
Determined is what I am when I try hard in school
Energetic at home because I wrestle with my brother
Nice is how I am to my 3rd grade buddies


Elated to see friends I know
Riding on the back of a roller coaster with my cousins
Imagining things I sometimes make in art
Crates help me balance when I’m skating on a skating rink


Smokey is my annoying one year old puppy
Horses stay in my papa Paquin’s barn
Exhausted means I love to sit and watch TV

Loves to go hunting for coons
Buckshot is my (coyote hunting) dog
Yoyos are my favorite indoor toy


Zebra is my favorite type of animal
Excited when I eat bread
Begging is what I do when I am hungry
Eating is what I do everyday
Dinosaurs are my favorite cold blooded animal
Intelligent in math when I do a math test
Always awesome at math
Homework is something I do every night and I am happy to do it